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Additional Information :E&E Vehicle Solutions, LLC

Additional Information

E&E will not charge insurance companies any fees for the following:

A. Lien sale fee after 4 working days
B. Lien sale fee after 336 hours
C. Auction prep fee after 15 days
D. Lot visits
E. Opening after hours, weekends or holidays (the E&E facility will be open 24 hours-365 days a year)
F. Tape windows, windshield or back-glass
G. Environmental cleanup

E&E will comply with applicable state laws governing lien sales. Unless directed to do otherwise, activities in preparation for the conduct of lien sale as defined by applicable Nevada law will begin before the passage of 21 days. The insurance companies will be charged only the actual cost plus any incurred expenses relating to outside costs (DMV printouts, mailing, advertising, etc.)

E&E will deliver vehicles at the request of the insurance company or vehicle owner . Vehicle’s towed from any of E&E’s facilities by an E&E approved towing vendor will impose a nominal set-out fee to be paid by the tow company commissioned to conduct the tow.

If it is determined after delivery to E&E’s storage lot that a vehicle (a) is not covered; or (b) the claim related to the vehicle is denied. The insurance company will not be responsible for storage, advance charges or any other related fees.