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FAQ :E&E Vehicle Solutions, LLC



Q. Do we have to select a storage yard?
A. No, however unless a selection is made, responding tow companies will be free to continue to charge for storage related services as they please?

Q. Can we build or select any storage yard?
A. In order to protect consumers, SB 456 calls for all designated storage yards to meet requirements and be approved by the Nevada Transportation Authority.

Q. Does E&E Vehicle Solutions, LLC meet required local and state legal requirements?
A. Yes and we have locations in Henderson and Las Vegas to provide local service.

Q. Won’t the towing company’s just “front load” costs to continue predatory pricing?
A. Tow charges are set on an approved tariff basis by the NTA and tow companies must not charge more. E&E will also monitor towing charges to insure they comply with the law.

Q. Will it be necessary to contract with more than one storage yard?
A. E&E provides strategic locations in Henderson and Las Vegas to support all your greater Las Vegas area needs.

Q. What are the E&E service hours?
A. Because losses can occur at any time, on any day, E&E is committed to provide 24/7 service to be ready when we are needed.