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Our Mission :E&E Vehicle Solutions, LLC

Our Mission

Dear Prospective Client,

For years the Las Vegas market has presented challenges in the effort to provide affordable auto insurance. Although many issues contribute to the overall problem, a major contributor has been predatory towing practices in the towing and storage of vehicles. Unfair charges continue to be layered on after the vehicle reaches the tow yard. The result is unjustifiable charges and poor customer service.

These predatory towing practices are not fair to insurance providers or Nevada drivers. That is why Ewing Bros. Towing (established 1949) and SNAP Towing (established 1971) worked with members of the insurance industry, and others, to propose and help pass SB 456. Ewing Bros. and SNAP have now formed E&E Vehicle Solutions, LLC (“E&E”) to provide storage and related services to insurance industry partners. The goal of E&E is to partner with you to reduce costs and improve the loss process and customer service.

E&E has asked me to help offer its services to the insurance industry. My background is well-suited for this opportunity; I grew up in the tow business in Montana, and I worked for 34 years in the insurance industry, during part of which I presided over all Nevada insurance operations for my employer. I have first-hand knowledge of and experience with the issues.

With the passage and signing into law of SB 456 your company can now designate that your insured vehicles be towed directly to the approved storage lot you select. This will not only help you control costs; it also provides a host of other benefits including much-improved customer access and a more efficient claims process. I have attached a copy of SB 456 for your reference.

It is all very simple: once you contract with our company, we take care of the rest. We notify Law Enforcement and tow companies of your designation of our lot, pay advance charges, work with your claims team and deliver the vehicles as directed. We also provide web access to information in addition to providing data to help you manage your claims process. No surprises and no hidden costs; just superior service.

Attached is a FAQ sheet for your use along with a few forms to review in advance of our future discussions. We hope we can set up a time soon to further review this opportunity with you or persons within your organization. To schedule a meeting please contact Jerry Carnahan at 323-646-6700 or email us at either jerry.carnhan@eevehiclesolutions.com or service@eevehiclesolutions.com  If there are any questions or concersn we will be happy to provide you with any information you require.

E&E Vehicle Solutions, LLC wants to be your designated storage lot and look forward to helping your company come to the same conclusion.

Thanking you in advance,

Jerry Carnahan