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Services :E&E Vehicle Solutions, LLC


E&E Vehicle solutions, LLC will provide vehicle storage services directly to the insurance industry. The term “vehicle” will include but not limited to automobiles, trailers, motor homes, motorcycles, boats, watercrafts, semi-trucks and other types of equipment.

Services Include but are not limited to the following:

1. 24 hour monitored security with electric fence and outside lighting
2. E&E Personnel on site 24 hours a day
3. 24-hour secure vehicle drop-off area
4. Place vehicles without tires or wheels on stands or blocks
5. Inventory vehicle at the time of delivery for keys, stereo and missing equipment
6. Secure vehicle at time of delivery, including rolling up functioning windows, locking doors and securing keys
7. Package personal property upon request
8. Remove and secure license plates upon request
9. Pay advance charges at time of delivery
10. Open hoods, deck lids and doors upon request
11. Supply battery box and assistance when requested
12. Ensure adjusters immediate access to inspect vehicles—no waiting for access
13. Allow vehicle inspection access to body shop or other authorized representatives, upon owner or insurance company’s request
14. Supply hoist to inspect vehicles for hidden damage (E&E North)
15. Review advance charges and report findings to claims adjuster
16. Imaging of vehicles for out-of-state insurance companies upon request for a nominal fee
17. Inside storage for vehicles held for evidence, or for specialty and high value vehicles for an additional fee
18. Provide office space equipped with outlets and wireless internet access for insurance company representative’s use
19. Access to view your inventory of vehicles thru E&E’s website
20. Hassle free release of vehicles for delivery out or pick up

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